I’ve been lucky to spend most summers of my life at my aunt’s country house in a hot and sunny region. The sun gives you so much energy and joy, le alone all the Vitamin D. But the exposure isn’t all that good for your hair and your skin. Today we’ll go over the hair part.

I’ve tried all the methods in the world to protect my hair from direct sunlight. I’ve covered them with all kinds of hats and headbands. Yet, you can’t live your life with a covered head. At some point, it just becomes too much. That’s why I have this to-do list for the hot season.

1. Trim your hair more frequently

It’s crazy how the malnourished ends react to the heat. The reaction will then spread all the way to the roots unless you take care of them at the very beginning of the season.

2. Avoid extra heat

The sun is already getting to you with its hat, so at least don’t add to it. Use blow dryers and flat irons as little as possible. Or at least choose the light mode.

3. Don’t forget your conditioner

Your conditioner not only moisturizes, but also protects your hair. Look for a brand that allows the most frequent use and try to stick to it.

And that’s my top 3. Share the post on your social media and add your magic method of protecting hair from the Sun.


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