Runway models to the catwalk for a living, and practicing all the time makes sense. But why should you practice the catwalk as well when it doesn’t pay you?

Here are the 4 reasons why I do it.

1. Improve your posture

I once saw in a movie (was it The Princess Diaries? I’m not sure) how a grandmother was teaching her granddaughter to walk with a book on her head to keep her back straight. I wish my grandma was like that. It took me years to get slouching completely out of my system. Now I regularly practice the catwalk to keep my posture perfect.

2. Stay confident and sexy

When doing the catwalk, I can’t help myself feeling like a superstar on a runway. There was a study proving how a good posture and a neat walk make you look about 30% more appealing. And here’s the best part: you look better to yourself, too. I’m not sure how it works, but basically, you start treating yourself as a much more valuable person.

3. Nail those heels

Seriously, how do you walk like a regular next-door girl in high heels? You’re at the bottom, woman! Act accordingly. A regular walk makes your outfit look cheaper, so you should think about giving yourself the touch of a runway model.

These are my top reasons, but you might have yours. Maybe, after all, you aspire to become a top model. So start practicing today!


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